A continuing supply of motivated, highly qualified officers who lead the Association and serve its members supported by a comprehensive training program based on real-world proven training material and techniques.


The GWRRA Leadership Training Division exists to provide high quality operations and self-improvement training opportunities for GWRRA Officers, their spouses, and interested Members throughout the organization. The GWRRA Training Program is designed to help leaders and Members realize their full potential both personally and as a part of the Association, and provide the best experience possible for the Members.


  1. A responsive Leadership Training Program organization that facilitates and supports effective training Association-wide.
  2. A comprehensive set of guidelines for use in implementing and managing effective leadership training at all levels of the Association.
  3. A well rounded and flexible training curriculum.
  4. A methodology for routine evaluation of the program, its benefits and effectiveness.


The GWRRA Leadership Training Program is intended to be:

  1. FUN - an enjoyable AND productive experience for all involved.
  2. People centered - focused on wants and needs of GWRRA leaders and Members.
  3. Principle based - the material will teach correct principles and methodologies.
  4. Recognition driven - success oriented.
  5. Challenging - not automatic, but intellectually challenging.
  6. Flexible - accommodate needs of Members and leaders, and style of trainers.
  7. Progressive - material based on state-of-the-art techniques.
  8. Have practical value - be useful in a variety of experiences beyond GWRRA.

The GWRRA Leadership Training Curriculum has been organized into eight separate "programs." Each program is a collection of individual seminars grouped together based on subject-matter and the relationship between the seminars. Completion requirements have been established for each program. The programs as currently organized are:

Horizon Program
Chapter Leadership Skills
Intermediate Leadership Skills
Advanced Leadership Skills
Life Skills
Member Orientation
Chapter Life
Instructor Development and Certification

Chapter B Chapter C Chapter D Chapter E Chapter F Chapter K Chapter L