Arkansas District Rally

May 19-21, 2022


Harrison Arkansas!

The “HEART” of Arkansas Motorcycling Country!

Early Registration Ends
at Midnight April 16, 2022

Be sure to check out the hotel information on the Rally Info Page



2022 Arkansas District On-Line Rally Registration Form

Please Read Before You Proceed:
After you fill out the following form and click on "Submit Registration", you will be directed to PayPal for payment.  Use your credit card or money in your PayPal account to pay for registration.  Your registration is not complete until you submit payment via PayPal.  You will be sent an e-mail confirmation if you include your e-mail address in the form below and PayPal will verify your payment by e-mail once you complete payment.


 Rider:      GWRRA#:   Chapter:   Age: 
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 Registration Fees
GWRRA Member
Day Pass Tickets   
$15.00 fee on all refunds.
No refunds issued after May 1, 2022
Friday Night Dinner
Saturday Level 4 Breakfast
(Meal Reservations must be made by April 16)
Friday 50/25/15/10 (30 tickets)
(At rally, 20 tickets for $10.00 - Must be present to win)
Saturday 50/25/25 (30 tickets)
(At rally, 20 tickets for $10.00 - Must be present to win)
Grand Prize (50 tickets)
(At rally, 20 tickets for $10.00 - Must be present to win)
Grand Total  $
 Available Training (Good for levels program)
Medic First Aid / CPR
Registration confirmed on a first come basis.
NOTE: Mask MAY be required during classroom time.
Advanced Rider Course
Trike Rider Course
ARC and TRC classes limited to groups of six, maximum of two groups each.  Registration confirmed on a first come basis.  Refunds will be issued if not confirmed.  No refunds for no shows unless we can book another rider into your space!

  I/We agree to comply with the ideals and rules governing this event and to hold harmless the GWRRA, its officers, representatives, co-sponsoring organizations, and property owners for any loss or injury to self or property, and agree to assume responsibility for any property which I/we damage.

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